GO_Plus patch is published for ERP product family. patch is published for ERP products (Go, Go Plus, Tiger2, Tiger Plus, Tiger Enterprise and Unity2) on December 25, 2010.

You can access patch files via ftp://download.logo.com.tr/Windows/ERP/GUNCEL/ address.





e-Fatura Uygulamasında Yapılan Değişikliklere İlişkin Açıklamalar Hakkında

Elektronik fatura kullanımına yönelik önemli yenilikleri getiren yeni mevzuat Maliye Bakanlığı tarafından yayınlanmıştır. 




What is Carrying Over?

Carrying over means closing all accounts related to accounting and transferring accounting and trading system transactions to a new fiscal period as opening transactions after formal documents are prepared at the end of the fiscal year defined for the companies.


LOGO E-Defter, GİB Tarafından Onaylanarak  Uyumlu Yazılımlar Listesi'nde İlk Sırayı Aldı!


 LOGO, E-Defter uygulamasında, GİB (Gelirler İdaresi Başkanlığı) tarafından onaylanarak uyumlu yazılımlar listesinde ilk sırayı aldı.

 GİB'in “Elektronik Defter Genel Tebliği” ile yayınladığı e-Defter uygulaması artık LOGO'nun Tiger Enterprise, Tiger Plus ve GO Plus ürünlerinde kullanılabilir.  

 LOGO E-Defter ile uygulaması ile “Yevmiye Defteri”’  ve “Defter-i Kebir”’ belgeleri, GİB'in belirlediği standartlarda hazırlanabilmekte ve elektronik olarak GİB'e kolayca gönderebilmektedir. Böylece defterlerin kağıt ortamına basılması ve saklanması gibi zahmetli ve maliyetli işlemler artık elektronik ortamda kolayca ve maliyetsiz olarak yapılabilmektedir.  


Logo Business Intelligence Solutions

Today’s competition environment is getting harsher, and corporations feel the need to found more than one system to meet different requirements and customer demands more quickly. Decision-making process gets even more complicated, because it is harder to analyze and report data since it is necessary to enter data specific to each system.

LOGO Business Intelligence Solutions consolidates all data and turn them into useful information. Thereby new opportunities arise, costs are reduced, and decision-making process is executed more quickly and effectively.

TIGER BI is a powerful business intelligence platform directed to server and client applications and third party integrations in addition to being a business intelligence application. Besides server and client applications, BI components are also designed to answer sophisticated BI requirements.

TIGER BI applications and BI components are independent from operating system and data source. TIGER BI uses very powerful Java and Adobe Flash Technologies. So, users have access to all TIGER BI applications and components via internet using your computer.

You can work in internet, intranet or mobile environments, use exclusive dashboards prepared for Tiger Plus with high visuality, and prepare reports and analyses in summary or detail thanks to TIGER BI.


You can manage your teams on field, track them on map and send SMS by using options located under ISTCELL module of Logo application. You can benefit from OTP feature in your work flow processes. You can also import Turkcell invoices into the system and apply for Turkcell services directly via application. You can use options located under Main Records and Operations menu of ISTCELL program module in order to perform these transactions.




The Choice of Professionals -Tiger Enterprise

Unite your forces with the best for better efficiency. Logo Business Solutions, the leader of application software market, presents an exclusive product for leaders! An ERP software supporting the sustainable efficiency of leader businesses and conforming to international standards along with conditions applying in Turkey! Tiger Enterprise.



An exclusive application for future leaders developed by the market leader in application software, Logo Business Solutions. An ERP software driving businesses to the top and complying with international standards and conditions applying in Turkey! TIGER PLUS!




Logo Business Solutions, the market leader in application software, presents the most convenient "Business Application” for Turkey: GO PLUS!

GO PLUS is developed by integrating the demands of thousands of SME customers and business partners along with product development strategy and innovative ideas of LOGO. GO PLUS, apart from being an ERP package meeting all requirements of SME customers, contains the easiest, fastest, smartest and the most compatible solutions within itself.


Bordro Plus performs the task of calculating wages of company employees and preparing legal reports in accordance with up-to-date legislation, and it performs vacation tracking of employees efficiently.

Payroll cards are created for all employees by using batch transactions according to company's wage system policy. Bordo Plus saves you from dealing with routine operations and complicated legal procedures requiring legislation knowledge thanks to its sophisticated structure and enriched product properties. Bordo Plus performs all payroll transaction functions and provides legal reports.

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